Individuals over Interactions over Processes over Tools

Or how we externalize our interactions into the tooling we use.

Recently I had a conversation about a process to solve impediments hindering a teams flow. Nothing special so far other than the role the tooling had in that process. What triggered me was the question on how to involve others in resolving an impediment. Whether if the way was doing that through the tool we use as an organization.

When we externalize our interactions into software, what happens to our organization? To me the individuals and their interactions are the organization. If we let any of that slide into software, we loose part of what binds us together. Sure, quick interactions can perhaps be handled through a simple text message, but what gets lost by doing that?

I am unsure if communication software can be part of our organization. It is a means to support our interactions, but do we see our phone or the letters as part of the organization? Why do we allow important conversations to happen through mail? Why are discussions held through the chat functionality of Azure DevOps or Jira? In the end the lag that way of communicating creates fuels our frustration caused by the assumptions we made in the first place. Assumptions we could have invalidated over a cup of coffee. Creating mutual understanding and willingness the resolve the impediment that brought us together.